An Open Resource for Non-human Primate Optogenetics

TitleAn Open Resource for Non-human Primate Optogenetics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsTremblay, S, Acker, L, Afraz, A, Albaugh, DL, Amita, H, Andrei, AR, Angelucci, A, Aschner, A, Balan, PF, Basso, MA, Benvenuti, G, Bohlen, MO, Caiola, MJ, Calcedo, R, Cavanaugh, J, Chen, Y, Chen, S, Chernov, MM, Clark, AM, Dai, J, Debes, SR, Deisseroth, K, Desimone, R, Dragoi, V, Egger, SW, Eldridge, MAG, El-Nahal, HG, Fabbrini, F, Federer, F, Fetsch, CR, Fortuna, MG, Friedman, RM, Fujii, N, Gail, A, Galvan, A, Ghosh, S, Gieselmann, MAlwin, Gulli, RA, Hikosaka, O, Hosseini, EA, Hu, X, er, Jü, Inoue, K-ichi, Janz, R, Jazayeri, M, Jiang, R, Ju, N, Kar, K, Klein, C, Kohn, A, Komatsu, M, Maeda, K, Martinez-Trujillo, JC, Matsumoto, M, Maunsell, JHR, Mendoza-Halliday, D, Monosov, IE, Muers, RS, Nurminen, L, Ortiz-Rios, M, Shea, DJ ’, Palfi, éphane, Petkov, CI, Pojoga, S, Rajalingham, R, Ramakrishnan, C, Remington, ED, Revsine, C, Roe, AW, Sabes, PN, Saunders, RC, Scherberger, örg, Schmid, MC, Schultz, W, Seidemann, E, Senova, Y-S, Shadlen, MN, Sheinberg, DL, Siu, C, Smith, Y, Solomon, SS, Sommer, MA, Spudich, JL, Stauffer, WR, Takada, M, Tang, S, Thiele, A, Treue, S, Vanduffel, W, Vogels, R, Whitmire, MP, Wichmann, T, Wurtz, RH, Xu, H, Yazdan-Shahmorad, A, Shenoy, KV, DiCarlo, JJ, Platt, ML
Date PublishedJanuary 10, 2020
Type of ArticleNeuroResource

Optogenetics has revolutionized neuroscience in small laboratory animals, but its effect on animal models more closely related to humans, such as non-human primates (NHPs), has been mixed. To make evidence-based decisions in primate optogenetics, the scientific community would benefit from a centralized database listing all attempts, successful and unsuccessful, of using optogenetics in the primate brain. We contacted members of the community to ask for their contributions to an open science initiative. As of this writing, 45 laboratories around the world contributed more than 1,000 injection experiments, including precise details regarding their methods and outcomes. Of those entries, more than half had not been published. The resource is free for everyone to consult and contribute to on the Open Science Framework website. Here we review some of the insights from this initial release of the database and discuss methodological considerations to improve the success of optogenetic experiments in NHPs.

Short TitleNeuron
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