Interested in Joining Us?

We are always excited to consider talented applicants interested in joining the lab!  We welcome inquiries from all potential Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and PostdocsStaff positions, if available, are posted and must be pursued through the MIT Human Resources Careers portal.   

Below is information on how to apply to each position in the lab.

Undergraduate Students: apply here to various MIT undergraduate programs.

UROP - if you are already a MIT student or a Wellesley College student cross-registered at MIT you can join the lab through the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.  There are options to work in the lab for class credit towards your degree, to work for pay, or to volunteer. It is possible to get direct funding from the UROP program, but most of the time funding is provided by the PI.  We encourage anyone interested to take a look at projects lab members are involved in to see what most interests you and to contact that person directly or email the Lab Manager.   

Visiting Student: Available to US and international Undergraduate Students. See below for admission details   

Graduate (Masters, PhD) Students: The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Graduate Program accepts 15-20 new students each year.  The BCS Grad Program, like most neuroscience PhD programs covers the cost of tuition and provides a very competitive stipend as well as health insurance throughout the duration of a student’s thesis work (typically 5-6 years).

In order to work as a PhD student in the DiCarlo lab, you must apply and be accepted to a MIT PhD program.  Although Dr. DiCarlo can have students from other departments in his lab (and often does, see EECS), his appointment is in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.  You can find information on how to apply on the BCS webpage.  Unfortunately Dr. DiCarlo’s schedule is simply too busy to meet all potential graduate students interested in the lab and the program.  If you are interested in joining the lab as a Graduate Student please complete this Google Form and you will be added to a rolling list of students who have expressed specific interest in the DiCarlo Lab.  Dr. DiCarlo reviews this list prior to reviewing all graduate student applications.      

Visiting Student: Available to US and international Graduate Students.

The Visiting Student Program is managed through the MIT International Students Office.

To be eligible, an applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution of higher education in the US (other than MIT) or abroad (the majority of students in the Visiting Student program come from abroad).

Visiting Students are invited by an MIT department or laboratory to do research.  In our lab, we accept Visiting Students for a duration of 6 months or longer, as we have found it is difficult to properly train students and for a student to make meaningful progress on a project with shorter duration stays.   We encourage any student interested in joining the lab as a Visiting Student to carefully read this document and if you believe you qualify, email the Lab Manager with your CV/resume and a description of your interest in the lab. If we can find a suitable project with a mentor (typically a postdoc or senior grad student) and funding requirements are met (see document above) the application process can proceed.  Please be aware that 90 days is needed to process the application so start/end dates need to be planned well in advance.  Also please be aware that our lab can only accept a single Visiting Student per year.

Please note there are a number of financial requirements that must be met for all MIT Visiting Students.  We will do our best to handle these on a case by case basis, taking into account the goals, needs and opportunities of the applicant.

Postdoctoral Fellows/Associates: To apply to the DiCarlo Lab as a postdoc please complete the following Application Form. We will review these materials, and get back to you with next steps in the appliation process.  We strongly encourage (but do not require) all postdocs to apply for fellowships. It is an important step towards successfully starting an independent scientific career and it is a very good way to plan and begin your postdoctoral work in the lab. Please visit The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences postdoctoral webpage for more useful information.