People in the DiCarlo Lab

Principal Investigator



Dr. DiCarlo was named Investigator at the M.I.T. McGovern Institute for Brain Research and Assistant Professor in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in 2002, and was promoted to full Professor and Department Head in 2012.  He received his M.D. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1998 and did his postdoctoral work at Baylor College of Medicine from 1998 to 2002. His research group is focused on understanding the neuronal representations and computational algorithms that underlie visual object recognition in primates.   

Dr. DiCarlo's CV

Dr. DiCarlo's MIT video


Postdoctoral Researchers


Elias Issa, PhD

Elias came to the DiCarlo Lab by way of Johns Hopkins. He studies object processing in inferotemporal cortex using fMRI and neurophysiology. Elias's website





Published as Seyed-Reza Afraz up to Dec 2008, Arash got his MD from Tehran
University of Medical Sciences and PhD in Psychology from Harvard University.
 He claims to be interested in almost everything! Particularly in object
vision, history and visual arts.  Arash's website. 



Dan Yamins, PhD

Dan joined the lab in the fall of 2010.Dan's Website




Xiaoxuan Jia, PhD

Xiaoxuan joined the lab in June 2012.




Graduate Students


Ha is interested in elucidating fundamental mechanisms of the brain, especially visual object recognition. Having majored in physics, he is enjoying the deluge of all the stuff of neuroscience, hoping to quickly collect the "critical mass" needed to be a good neuroscientist. Other than sciences, Ha is a big fan of beer, coffee roasting, cocktail, Chopin, electronics tinkering, Feynman, piano, swimming, and typography. Ha is from South Korea.  Ha's website



Darren is interested in modeling the computations of the ventral stream as well as understanding the procedures by which these computations develop.





Since joining the lab in 2013, Diego has been using crowdsourced psychophysics and neural networks to explore, understand, and/or close the gap between human and machine visual intelligence (especially object recognition). Broadly speaking, he is interested in finding ways to improve life for humans using technology, which he has also been working on using music



Rishi joined the DiCarlo lab in 2013. Prior to this, he received his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering from McGill University. His research interests focus on understanding the neural processes underlying perception for brain-machine interface applications.



Lab Manager and Technical Assistants 

Kailyn Schmidt

Kailyn received her BA in Psychobiology from Wheaton College in 2009.  She is curently the Lab Manager and lead technician at the DiCarlo Lab at MIT.




Computer Programmer and Software Developer

Chris Stawarz






DiCarlo lab December 2013

DiCarlo lab paintball outing, Fall 2012.

Lab Alumni

Abhijit Bendale. Abhijit is a visiting student from University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. He is increasingly enjoying the lunch time conversations in DiCarlo Lab. He has a modest ambition of solving the problem of Object Recognition. Apart from being a humble grad student, he is excited about his recent purchase of a Canon SX110... And yes he is missing the mountain biking!!!  Abhi's website

Alexander Papanastassiou, MD Alex comes from a background of neurosurgery, and has completed his project with Hans Op de Beeck studying learning effects with fMRI. He is currently back in the world of human neurosurgery.

Ben Kennedy Software Engineer/Programmer. Ben is from an electrical engineering background, and is interested in developing tools to further research in science. The lab's server misses him deeply.

Benoit Corda Benoit is a masters student from the University of Technology of Compiègne in France. He is currently doing his M.Sc thesis (Computer Science /Artificial Intelligence) working on computational neuroscience inspired by recent neuronal and behavioral research in the lab. His project in the lab was organized around trying to apply different models to perform motion tracking. Benoit is currently at home in France.

Charles Cadieu, PhD Charles' Website

Chou Hung, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher. Chou received his PhD at Yale, where he studied early visual processing in areas V1 and V2. Chou's most recent work has been investigating the spike correlational structure of visual representation in IT and linking this representational structure across species (monkeys/humans). He recently moved his lab to Georgetown University. Chou's Website

Daniel Oreper, Masters Student. Dan is working on a system for X-ray localization of electrodes in the brain, in pursuit of a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science.Dan is currently working in Burlington, MA.

David Cox, PhD. Dave obtained his PhD in April , 2007, from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. His current work is organized around understanding the omputational role of visual experience in shaping object recognition processes in primates. Dave is currently running his own lab at the Rowland Institute at Harvard. Lab Website

David Doukhan. David is a masters student from the EPITA (France), where he majored in Artificial Intelligence and got involved in pattern recognition projects applied to music. His main project in the lab involved working on computational neuroscience projects as a Cell Be programmer using the PlayStation 3, among other projects. David is currently home in France.

Cesar Echavarria. Cesar was a UROP in the lab and graduated from MIT in 2011.

Davide Zoccolan, PhD. Davide obtained his PhD at the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste (Italy) with a thesis on the neural coding of sensory motor responses in the medicinal leech. The aim of his current project is to investigate the computational properties of inferotemporal neurons underlying object recognition in cluttered visual scenes. He is currently working with Dave Cox at the Rowland Institute. Davide's Lab Website

Edith Reshef, UROP. Edith graduated from MIT in 2011.

Ethan Solomon, UROP/Technical Assistant. Ethan Graudated from MIT in 2011. He worked in the DiCarlo lab for a year before beginning his MD/PhD at UPenn.

Hans Op de Beeck, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher. Hans received his PhD at the University of Leuven (Belgium) where he studied the processes underlying visual shape categorization in monkeys and human subjects through single-unit physiology and psychophysics (see He has been investigating the effect of learning on object recognition in monkeys and humans using fMRI in a collaboration between Jim DiCarlo and Nancy Kanwisher, and is currently home in Belgium.

Jennie Deutsch, Lab Manager/Technical Assistant. Jennie is currently working at GlaxoSmithKlein as a LAS Lab Scientist in Philadelphia.

Marie Maloof, Technical Assistant/Manager of BCS Teaching Lab. Marie splits her time between the lab and the BCS Teaching Lab (see the Courses section). Marie is currently working in another lab in BCS.

Marino Pagan. Marino was a visiting student from Pisa, Italy. He worked with Nicole Rust and Najib Majaj.

Nicolas Pinto, PhD  Coming from a loving and supportive portuguese family, Nicolas was born in France where he graduated with two M.Sc. in computer science (Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence). Attracted by multicultural experiences and highly motivated by exploring
intellectual opportunities abroad, he studied in Brazil, Korea and Switzerland before coming to MIT to complete his degrees in Jim DiCarlo's Lab. Nicolas received his PhD from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in December 2010. His current interests are in high-throughput computational neuroscience and biology-inspired silicon intelligence with emphasis on vision. Nicolas divides his spare time between
sports, traveling and managing the music association he co-founded. Nicolas' Website

Mehdi Mirza. Mehdi was a visiting student, working with the computational group. Having a background in Physics and Computer Science, he is interested in vision and object categorization problems and understanding how our brain does it and how machines could do it inspired by the brain. He is now pursuing his PhD in the Swiss Alps.

Nadja Oertelt. Nadja first joined the lab as a UROP, and stayed to complete a variety of projects. She is currently working at the Rowland Institute with Dave Cox.

Nicole Rust, PhD. Nicole obtained a PhD from New York University where she focused on computation and motion processing in visual areas V1 and area MT. The focus of her current work is to determine how selectivity, tolerance and sparseness interact and change along the object recognition pathway. Nicole is currently starting her own lab at UPenn. Nicole's Lab Page

Nuo Li, PhD. Nuo received his PhD from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in December, 2010. He will be pursuing a Postdoctoral Research position at Janelia Farm, HHMI in the Summer 2011.

Najib Majaj, PhD  Najib received his PhD from NYU, and completed a post-doctoral fellowshipHe is currently a research scientist at NYU. 

Patrick Mayo, Lab Technician. Patrick is happily working on his PhD in Neuroscience in Marc Sommer's lab at the University of Pittsburgh. He is researching neural representations of time their relation to visual and oculomotor function. He deeply misses Jim's whimsical stories about AJ Foyt.

Paul Aparicio. Paul obtained his PhD in February, 2013, from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institutes of Heath.

Yihvan Vuong. Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering 2004. Yihvan is currently working near Washington, DC.

Phil (Xiyuan) ZHANG. Phil is a visiting graduate student from Mines ParisTech (Ecole des Mines de Paris), one of the most prominent French generalist engineering schools. He is investigating benchmarks of image datasets to provide definite evolution force for vision models. Phil is also interested in high performance computer techniques, such EC2 cloud computing, MPI and GPU etc.

Youssef Barhomi. Youssef is a Masters student from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France. He is interested in human-machine interfaces. He is currently working with Nicolas Pinto on object recognition algorithms.

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